What are women angry about?

If you have missed the fact that every woman you know is angry - here's some real-life answers why (collected from my friends and strangers on social media and in real life).
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Messages from friends and strangers, mixed by Andrey Novikov

"I am angry I almost lost my identity when I became a mother. For a very long time I become a vessel, then a voice and a caregiver of someone who is yes, very dear to me, yet it’s not me. This magical ME is going somewhere really far… So many people don’t even know my name. They call me “mum of …” and the worst is: I can’t even talk about it because all of that is “a result of my choice” and “of course it’s like that, it’s like that for all of us! What did you expect?” I’d expect to still be me, just with a child. Yet for a few first years “me” was vanishing away and it took me a lot of courage to bring it back."

"I'm so fucking tired of doing unpaid work for everyone. Just because I have a vagina doesn't mean that I want to cook for you or listen to your feelings. Therapy costs baby. I'm so fucking over being pleasant and easy."

"War and genocide in Ukraine. Not being able to visit my hometown and hug friends"

"The expectations placed on us to have it all and to do it all."

"How the world is falling to pieces"

"That you have to apologise for being right about something. "I'm sorry if I misunderstood it but..."

"That people fucked up the planet and everything they touch"


"Not being true to myself"

"War, stupidity, mansplaining, being told I can't do something."

"Dirty table."

"When people try to give me advice about my job, saying what would be better for 'My future".

"If I have one more conversation with a man who wants to 'mansplain' something to me I already got a masters degree in I think I might SCREAM!"

"Why women are poorer than men (statistically)".

"I am angry at men's violence & women's silence and complicity."

'Angry that nothing changes even if you know it is better for the world and environment."

"Angry about how humans treat animals."

"Angry about women that are not angry."

"I'm fxxxing angry that my husband lied and betrayed me & thinks it's all ok and he's done nothing wrong!"

"I am angry about having to look PERFECT when men can look like shit."

"Gender identity ideology cult infiltrating society, changing language and its meaning, brainwashing adults & children, breaking down hard won boundaries and safeguarding laws ruining women and children's lives all in the name of "inclusivity" + "be kind".

"My Mum."

"I'm angry about people killing animals for fun. I hate hunters - they are sadists."

"Enforced patriarchy in childhood."

"People that don't say please, thank you or excuse me!"

"I'm angry that some lives (and deaths) are deemed more valuable than others."

"Sex based rights being erased."

"The fact that children's education is undervalued, underpaid and rarely performed by men"

"About the war... about the fact that Russians and Ukrainians are in this situation... But I am not sure if it is called "anger”… it's anger, unhappiness... sadness… stress... a lot"

"Still having empathy for dicks that repeatedly treat us like shit. And still falling in the age old patriarchal trap of thinking we can save these poor old monsters, that we, women, with our well of empathy can change the world by changing bad men. No we can’t and we should stop trying !!"

"Not sure if its anger...but I strongly dislike being told what to do...I love freedom so anything that inhibits/restrict this 'grates' me."

"Being always put in a certain box! Like ALWAYS! Just to start with."

'Fear makes me angry and we’re living in a time where everything that was once stable is now a site of fear.'

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