Finding Home


Finding Home

Limited edition screen print exclusively for Nelly Duff. Printed in two variations: main edition of 50, in 2 colours; and 2 colour screenprint with a silver printed layer hand finished by the artist in watercolour pencil, 5 copies of each colour (pink, yellow, blue and red). The work is based on one of the prints from the project 'I Am Home". It is inspired by Tove Jansson's island Klovharun.

For me it represents the creative solitude and a place where one can find (and connect to) a treasure of Self.

Klovharun in the Finnish archipelago is tiny – some 6,000 sq metres – and isolated, “a rock in the middle of nowhere”, according to Jansson’s niece, Sophia. It has scarcely any foliage, no running water and no electricity. Yet for Jansson, it was an oasis. For 18 years she and her partner Tuulikki Pietilä spent long summers there, heading out from Helsinki as soon as the ice broke in April, leaving only in early October. The island meant “privacy, remoteness, intimacy, a rounded whole without bridges or fences”.


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